a summer tbr ☀

A Summer TBR

Hi! It’s finally summer! I can’t wait for- well, everything! Going to the beach, having more time to write, buying a new sketchbook, hanging out with my friends, eating ice cream (you technically can’t EAT ice cream but whatever) and conquering the world! Fun stuff! I also want to read (well, I ALWAYS want to read), so here are some books I hope to read this summer! A lot of them are rereads, but I like rereading books, so!

Sure Signs of Crazy: Karen Harrington (reread): I read this book a looong time ago and I don’t remember that much about what happened. I love love love books with protagonists who write in a diary, especially younger teenagers and preteens. Also the main character of this book’s best friend is a plant, which is just *relatable*

The Boy Who Steals Houses: C.G. Drews: The whole synopsis of this book just reminds me of this quote from Maniac Magee:

“Dominic Pickwell (said) to Duke Pickwell, ‘Who’s that kid?’
‘What kid?’ (said) Duke.
‘The kid next to you at the table.’
‘I don’t know. I thought Donald knew him.’
‘I don’t know him,’ said Donald. ‘I thought Dion knew him.’
‘Never saw him,’ said Dion. ‘I figured he was Deirdre’s new boyfriend.'”

Access Restricted: Gregory Scott Katsoulis: This is the second book in the Word$ series, about a futuristic world where words are copyrighted and people have to pay for every word they speak. I LOVED LOVED LOVED All Rights Reserved, but I’m terrified of Access Restricted being a sub-par sequel, so I’ve been putting off reading it, BUT I DEFINITELY WILL THIS SUMMER.

Aru Shah and the Song of Death: Roshani Chokshi: I don’t have much to say except YAY GIANT CRABS! Man, I wish the Rick Riordan Presents books were around when I was 12. Guess I’ll have to make up for it now.

Aquicorn Cove: Katie O’Neill (reread): I could talk about how beautiful and wonderful Aquicorn Cove is for hours and hours, so let me know if it’s something you’d like me to review this summer- Actually, no. I’m doing that. You can’t stop me. I’m going to take this book everywhere I go (to the beach, to the pool, back to the beach) and tell all my friends about it. I JUST LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

Teen Dog: Jake Lawrence (reread): Teen Dog (and the rest of Jake Lawrence’s comics tbh) is really fun and bright! I would read this book just for the fact that it’s about a RADICAL teen dog who skateboards, loves pizza, and has an alter ego/ twin brother name Dark Teen Dog, but the art and the way the comic is laid out is really cool too!

Shadowshaper : Daniel Jose Older: It has a magic system based on ART and a Puerto Rican protagonist? SIGN ME UP.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to read something by C.G. Drews for AGES, but somehow never have?? I’ve honestly only heard great things about her books, so I should really get on that. Anyways, thanks for a lovely post and I hope you are able to read all of these books and more this summer!

    1. Thanks! I think it’s really cool that she’s a book blogger and a writer, and her books sound so awesome! If you do read one, tell me what you think.

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