a story of tomorrow 🔭

I’m not any good at poetry, but I don’t want to feel like I only have to post things that are perfect on this blog- it’s hard enough living up to impossible standards in real life, right? So have this poem I wrote because I felt like it:

You will find a place in the world
and I hope I will be in it.
I want to be that little star you circle on a map
The one that means “home”.

And you will shape a world out of stardust,
gather galaxies to orbit you.
You will chart your own constellations
and the ink will splatter your hands
but it will not stain you

The craters and pits in your core do not define you;
neither do your supernovas of success.

You are allowed to
let go.
You are allowed to
hold on.

I’ll be there for you either way.

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