a fall playlist💀🍂

It’s spooky time!! Halloween is three months long and you can’t convince me otherwise. it’s time for my yearly rewatch of over the garden wall, and for me to listen exclusively to sad music and make my neighbors worried for my mental wellbeing!! Luckily, my neighbors already think I’m crazy. This is a direct result of me dying my hair pink and wandering around their backyard yelling “ALFREDO!!” loudly. What does this have to do with my terrible music taste?? Absolutely nothing.

Fall Away Playlist:
Gold - Claud
Hunter - Becca Mancari
Cryptid (Mothman) - ratwyfe
how will i rest in peace if i'm buried by a highway? -kennyhoopla
avant gardener - courtney barnett
be nice to me - the front bottoms
achilles come down - gang of youths
fool - frankie cosmos
because dreaming costs money - mitski
fall asleep - big joanie
benny worm - jack stauber
i know the end - phoebe bridgers
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